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Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

Bird Bird Bird

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1 hour ago, Nathan.Drake said:

Can sell all these on CeX for a profit :devil:

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Samsung A8 for ~8.6k with SBI card. Just picked one up as a secondary tab. Really good deal.


Will get a boat earphones for free if you are into it. Never used boat and probably never will but it's free :P

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3 hours ago, KunjanPSD said:

Inventory for 13 should come around 8AM for Around 52-53k.

50k is expected tomorrow 12AM only.


Already live for 54k. Har 5 mins main price increase kara. :rofl:

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7 minutes ago, Channu said:

I see it listed for 16k+ only!


It was listed for Rs 12999 yesterday. The 4 GB/64GB wifi only model. And you will get around 4.4 off with SBI card. Now I see it increased to 13999 and SBI card offer is not there. Keep watch as it might come again.

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Managed to grab it at 12.20 am. Was trying since 12 but flipkart wasn't letting payment through. Couldn't use Axis card due to server error otherwise would have saved 2200 more. So, had to use ICICI card. Wanted to get Starlight but wife already has it so opted for green. Still, not a bad deal imo. 


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