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~The TV Shows Thread~


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On 8/4/2022 at 8:24 PM, Ne0 said:

Both Reacher and the terminal list were awesome action shows on prime video.  Haven't seen anything close to it on Netflix yet.


Just completed watching The terminal list!! What an excellent TV show. Thank you for the recommendation! Honestly didn't think Chris Pratt could act in such role. Great music and bgm too! The story isn't something new however the execution and casting is top notch. 

The only gripe I had was the dark scenes needed more light and colour pallet for the entire series was off putting for me. 

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I have mixed feelings about BCS series finale. Too convenient of an ending.


There's a nice scene with Walter White though.


Edit: Just thinking over about the finale and as I find clarity over Jimmy’s motivation for what he does, i am looking at this in a different light now. Amazing how i missed out on the subtext. This has been one gem of a show. :majesty:

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Started watching The Boys last week and I am hooked. I am only somewhere middle of second season , but it has been great.

I absolutely love Homelander actor. Amazing psychopathic acting, and then once in a blue moon you find yourself maybe agreeing to something he says and it feels weird. And he is perfect in funny scenes too. The best 'suppressing menacing rage' face ever. 


Karl Urban, of course, is perfect as always. Diabolical!

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31 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:

Tbf the MCU hulk hasn’t really suffered that much more than any other other hero. Relatively unscathed when you compare him to Iron Man, Hawkeye, Wanda, etc. If you consider Ed Norton and Eric Bana as canon, that’s a different story.

He literally tried to kill himself:


And Ed Norton Hulk is canon, just actor changed.



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Man i feel like Hulk got more and more cartoony as time went on. The first movie (Edward Norton) is still the best to see the sheer rage and power of The Hulk. 


I'm not a fan of this smart Hulk guy. What's made him interesting is gone. I remember even in first Avengers movie how scared everyone was of him. 

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