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Marvel’s Avengers

Heaven Angel

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6 hours ago, Big Boss said:

How are some people even liking this gameplay? It's just mindless button mashing waves after waves of totally pathetic enemies. Completely bland janky combat. Those who are liking this must be super duper hardcore marvel fanboys or someone who have never played any 3rd person brawler/shooter ever. It's really disappointing that they wasted the license by make this pure sh*t. Even the gear will unlock doesn't even have any cosmetic appearance. It's just random stats. How f**king lazy is that? Injustice 2 had so much gear and it had cosmetic appearance which made it somewhat addictive. Here they couldn't even copy that? Just some outfits can be unlocked, maybe they wanted to monetize both outfits and gear separately. Horrible beta, total waste of time.


The only acceptable Level was the bridge. It really went south after that . A campaign with missions that play like horde mode is not a campaign 

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Just saw that trailer. Anyone else think it's kinda misleading, considering how the game *actually* is.


I haven't played the beta but have seen playthroughs of it on YT.


The trailer is cut in a way to showcase only the cutscenes, which make it seem like a proper single-player, story-driven, and campaign-focused game.


Ah, I'm just ranting, I guess. Casuals will certainly look at that trailer and buy the game, only to be disappointed later.

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21 minutes ago, rajprdp said:

This game is just to milk the fanboys, would have worked if gameplay was remotely interesting.

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That's the goal of the game. Grind.


Battle Passes won't have any time limit nor rotate content

$60 launch game will give you access to 6 heroes 

You can grind 6 heroes anytime you want 

If you grind them fully - 40 tiers, you will get credits (at least 1000 from each ~ 6000 total)

Use the credits you have earned to unlock future heroes for 1000 credits or spend $10

New hero pass will allow players to earn 1000 credits back by finishing 40 tiers

Use that credit to buy another future hero or spend $10

Rinse and repeat till you are bored to death by grind or lack of enough content 

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Ending for this game was leaked and its a big "L" they say. but then again would play AND only then will decide XD (Will buy it when its like 699 or something)
You know they gonna keep adding story to this yeah..? There's no ending.

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