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PlayStation vs Xbox vs Nintendo thread

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1 hour ago, dylanjosh said:



Doesnt look like it. But hey at least this dude is consistent.


Such a moronic way of thinking, in both cases. If it's legit criticism then I have a strong belief that these kind of people can never just enjoy anything in life. 

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1 hour ago, Kenzooru said:

Lol, dude struck a cord with Akshay. That was great, these guys are so used to being placed on a pedestal that they get irked any second a guy is blunt with them.


It was a stupid question & a stupid comparison 


Why would Akshay Kumar bother about AAA games when there is no such industry or even enough market in India 


There was no better way to reply to his query 




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17 hours ago, dylanjosh said:

Remember when people were rightfully making fun of this tweet? Same people now bashing Halo for not including fruit physics :doh: 





And now my entire timeline in file with this crap...




Internet is filled with idiots. :wallbash:



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Just now, Mr. Comingle said:

Itna mehnat kiya ND me, could have taken some time to render some tits on the characters. Literally all women in the game are flat as Mumbai Pune expressway. 



Just now, Mr. Comingle said:

Covid has really f**ked the economy. World's youth is sitting on their a*s and discussing fruit physics in shooting games. 



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25 minutes ago, radicaldude said:

Interactive Physics have been in existence (in many games) since the 2000s .



Remember bioshock, battlefield, CoD etc. Destruction physics specifically. 



IMO, physics are important, more so in FPSes. 

yes… fruit physics are really important espically in FPSes..

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