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PlayStation vs Xbox vs Nintendo thread

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40 minutes ago, psinide said:

Nah man, I love my PS5 & XSX. Infact my playtime is skewed towards the PS. I just have a problem with baseless arguments.

I just realized one more thing, its inide and not indie. I though you were big into indie bhindis :P 

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18 minutes ago, 0verlord said:

It seems 0% people actually read your name as you intended. Big Fail :rofl:

Yes, 100% of the people that didn't read my name correctly, are Big Fails :thumbdown:


18 minutes ago, b!T said:


Ufff, that's optimistic. I've been reading it as everyone else and can't believe I missed the 'i' and 'd' order :lol:

Is it really that optimistic b-exclamation mark-t? :chair:

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3 hours ago, psinide said:


Yup and you ps-indie

3 hours ago, Vamos said:

I thought you were a big supporter of Indie games and PlayStation, and so you kept it as PS-Indie :P

That’s exactly what it was, now he just backtracking and trying to find new ways to justify his stupidity ?

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1 hour ago, AnK said:

I’m assuming Tunic will be available on PS within 3-4 months as usual like all the other third party GamesPass Day1 exclusives so far. 


Sony works with small Dev's only if they own the ip. With xbox, Dev's own ip and are free to do as they please.


Insomniac worked for over a decade with Sony. Only IP they owned was Sunset Overdrive before getting acquired, courtesy MS. :bow:

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