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Forza Horizon 5

Assassins Creed

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48 minutes ago, NitroNeo said:

Plus scalpers are pro level these days, can't hope to secure a console for myself


wrong, you aren’t looking properly if you really want to buy.. there was a guy here sitting ducks on a new MRP Series X for 2 weeks .. anyways buy when it comes out again.. let’s get back to Forza topic.. 

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2 hours ago, kaka_messi said:

Understood. I believe you guys are way ahead of me so help me out... is it worth it or should I ignore it?

If you want to unlock cars & houses quickly then it would be worth it.


Personally it came with the premium edition but I could do without it because the games keeps throwing stuff at you anyway. As @Joe Coolsaid, if you want to take it slow then it kinda kills progression for you.

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14 hours ago, WhiteWolf said:

Ah k. But man these nextgen consoles definitely worth buying even without must have exclusives. I


PS5 and SX are both solid systems and both offer lot of QoL improvements over last gen. Man i was blown away by Ratchet on PS5, f**ckin haptics from Dual Sense and that SSD speed no joke. 


Gears 6 on UE 5 made for SX from ground up will just look bonkers. So i totally get why you want to wait. You want that big showcase title? 



 No i want the LE console, have always loved how Gears LE consoles have looked.

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15 hours ago, Heaven Angel said:

And here i got bored, if ivg boiz stopped playing this then it's getting uninstalled or till elden ring/horizon/dying light 2 arrives. 

I guess we’re in the minority here. :fear1:


Game is super fun but the single player still doesn’t cut it for me. It’s too repetitive. 
Also the thing with arcade games - they’re too fast paced. You cover so much distance in a short time, kinda takes away the immersion. 

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Just now, El Tigre Chino said:

Trying my hand at custom liveries. First attempt.











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