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Secret Santa 2021 Gifts Thread


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5 minutes ago, abhi90 said:

Meanwhile seeing such awesome gifts all around other Santa's be like


sweating key and peele GIF

Yup! that is me.


I did not order stuffs directly to my Banta's place instead I am collecting here and making a care package. Seeing these is making me nervous

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6 minutes ago, rushaboswal said:

Cover bhul gaye :roflroll: Welcome and happy new year to you and your family :thumbsup:

Cover toh phone pe hai :roflroll:, will take a pic once I get home 

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6 hours ago, Root said:

 I received another gift!!!


Two of my favorites dark chocolate and obviously coffeeeeeeee!!!!!!


Yaaayyy!! Thank you Santa @silv3rgunn3r




I thought it was a 2 pack dark chocolate deal....wtf they gave 3....good for you :P

anyways enjoy :bigyellowgrin:

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Got these gifts from my secret santa few days ago. Really wanted to get this touring seat as the stock seat is garbage (sorry I wasn't able to find the tools to remove the cowl :wallbash:). Also got these bar end finishers from my Santa. I scratched the stock ones few days after getting the bike so thank you for all the research and efforts. 


Please reveal yourself Santa :dance:.

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1 hour ago, Assassins Creed said:

Saaaaantaaaaaaa 🎅

Thank you so much you super secretive Santa.. wishing you and your family happy holidays and happy new year 


Please reveal yourself (pro tip of using my name for billing address too so I have no clue who you are :fear1:)



You're Welcome!

Glad you liked the gifts. :thumbsup:

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