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Elden Ring


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9 hours ago, AnK said:

Hitman was coming to GP but didn’t 

RE8 was coming to GP but didn’t 

Bio mutant was coming to GP but didn’t 

Mass Effect Trilogy didn’t come 


Now you guys are killing sales for games like BF & this 


I think shills & rumour mongers on the internet should be ashamed of themselves 


Why kill so much potential sale for these games with such useless rumours 

anyway……pls carry on 

PS5 there to save the sales. 


And you worry about sales of billion dollar corporation, i will not lol.


And Hitman was in GP.

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10 minutes ago, WhiteWolf said:

And Hitman was in GP.

I was talking about 3 


with every new release since SX launch the shills & mongers start the rumour mill of day1 GP release 


It hurts the sales over all & not just on Xbox as ppl owning a PC or PS also wait & see what is happening 



& these billion dollar corporations (lol like IO which is totally opposite of that) have been giving us great games & reason to feel happy in the otherwise monotonous & dark world since our childhood


Obviously I care about them & won’t stop doing that 


But anyway pls carry on….



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Being completely honest my hype crashed a bit seeing the trailer. It looks like Dark Souls 4 in every shape and form. I really was hoping this was a new take on Souls formula like Bloodborne or Sekiro. Would have loved to see a new spin to the formula then another sequel. But I guess it’s too early to say right now.

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Sekiro strictly speaking wasn’t much like the Soulsborne games 


It was more like a take back of Fromsoftware’s old works like Tenchu in a new aggressive & refined form (obviously taking lot of stuff from Soulsborne) 


This on the other hand definitely looks like the spiritual successor to Dark Souls 

But obviously with a much grander scale in an open world 


Rest only hands on can tell if it is as different as Bloodborne was compared to Souls games 

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