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21 hours ago, Snake said:


No, the story goes from 0-6. there is a lot you'll miss if u skip the games.


Also DO NOT skip Y0. its the best game in the series imo


21 hours ago, Mr. Comingle said:

Yakuza 0 is amazing, Kiwanis is decent, Kiwami 2 is great, 3-5 are crap.


21 hours ago, Ethan_Hunt said:


Kiryu's mainline stories are all connected, so chronologically, they carry over with each entry. There may be time gaps, but essentially, their core story and characters carry over. I would strongly advise against rushing through these games, but if you're hard pressed on time, play one game to completion and take a break. Yakuza 0 needs to be completed in it's entirety as it's fully worth it. The visuals may be off putting (it has to cater to PS3 as well), but stick with it and try to mix it up with the sub stories and mini-games. If you're still not sold, then move on. There is really no point in skipping titles in this one. If you find the visuals in 0 horrible, wait till you see the 3-5 remasters. 



7 hours ago, roun90 said:


If you want to play Kiwami - you have to play Y0 first. Otherwise, Character Interaction will be lost. Y0 and Y1 Kiwami are connected. Y2 Kiwami is somewhat connected, but you can play it directly if you want. Y3 can be skipped entirely (It's not good - especially the gameplay). Y4 introduces the new characters that will play a big part from then on (Including Y5 and Y6). Y5 can be skipped, but some story beats carryover to Y6. Y6 is the very last game of the Kiryu Saga. Y7 (Yakuza: Like A Dragon) can be played stand-alone, but you will miss some context in the later chapters (Chapter 12 onwards) if you skip Y6.


Essentially every Yakuza game is a self-contained story. But character interactions, character development and how characters behave with each other depends on the previous games. You will not miss out on the story itself, but you will be confused as to who these characters are. That's why Yakuza Collection Games (And even Y6, though I don't remember) ship with a "Flashback" section that details the story of the previous games.


If you want to play only the essentials, play it in this order (Starting from left) -


Yakuza 0 -> Yakuza Kiwami -> Yakuza 4 -> Yakuza 6 -> Yakuza 7


This is the very minimum order I can think of, in which you can be introduced to everyone in the core series.


The Judgement Games are separate and can be played at any time (Completely ignoring the Yakuza Games, you can play them even before Y0 - if you want only Graphics and Gameplay, but it would be better if you play Y0 first), but they have their own order, which is


Judgement -> Lost Judgement


or ideally -


Yakuza 0 -> Judgement -> Lost Judgement


Ok guys, thanks for replies, I'm playing Yakuza 0 rn, enjoying it because of the combat even tho it's a bit clunky and the graphics which are ps3 tier but still ok.
Story and the detailing of story is 10/10 in both Y0 and Y7 but I like Kiryu more than Ichiban, Ichi is too "high energy" and still an idiot for his own good, and in that game i've just started the out of prison part, Kiryu is meanwhile more grounded and seems more intelligent.


imo switching to turn based combat wasn't a good idea but i could be wrong.


I love the heat actions in Y0 :boxing: :chair:

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