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The Playstation 5 thread

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58 minutes ago, 0verlord said:

Gamepass numbers should added to Xbox players


Number of Gamepass Xbox players exceed PS players on this forum at least 


Those numbers are for retail, not digital. Plus, downloading and playing a game from GP doesn't and shouldn't count as a sale. The ideal statistic for comparison is, of course, how many people played the game across platforms. These comparisons only make sense for games not on GP. Even in that case, PS would always come out on top.



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9 minutes ago, AnK said:


Is it just me or is it quite surprisingly fascinating that no one on internet noticed a door ? opening/closing noise almost exactly like the one’s used in PT 


Most prominent 0:52 onwards 

Yeah soon there will be 1000s of videos on YT breaking down this few seconds teaser.

This whole marketing stunt is an April Fool's day prank gone wrong in August. 

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35 minutes ago, playstationdude said:

There is no way Kojima is associated with this. As much of a troll he is, he will never associate himself with this kind of assf**kery of fans.



-Screw with their controller slots mid game ~ check 


-Change the advertised fan favourite protagonist for a whole sequel ~ check


-Announce your game under a disguise of a different name & studio after confirming for years that no new game in the franchise ~ check 


-Announce your next big game development with a teaser hidden in a completely different labelled demo built masterfully as an entire game sequence ~ check 


I guess we are talking about two different Kojima’s you & I 

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