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Game with highest votes in poll will be official ivg game of the year (Voting closes Dec 31st). Iam pretty sure most popular games are covered. if your game is missing then post it in comment section. Old remasters and Directors cut not included.


Members can post their personal top 3 in comments section. Only top 3 not top 5 or 10 lol



Here are my personal top 3 games of 2021 -


Hitman 3 -My GOTY 2021


Runners up -

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Halo infinite.



Please post yours. :)







Note - No console Wars or flame bait sh*t in this thread or i report to mods

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  • WhiteWolf changed the title to IVG GAME OF THE YEAR 2021 (VOTE NOW)

Super hard to choose but Returnal for me.

Returnal - Best third person shooter ever

GOTG - Uncharted of superhero games

Halo Infinite - Best MP game in years


Honorable mentions:-

Hades - Released this year on consoles

Psychonauts 2

R&C Rift Apart - Great fun but unmemorable

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 I haven't played any of these games :( . 

Even during lockdowns only played games which were released earlier . Apart from that played few games on switch which too were released earlier . 

2021 was a complete washout for me personally in terms of gaming . Hopefully 2022 would be better.  

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Voted for Halo Infinite for my GOTY specifically because I am in love with MP ranked arena and the music - I could play it for hours even after a tiring work day. I personally an a big SP campaign guy and no MP sticks with me but Halo Infinite MP ranked arena is just too good. I am really surprised that I am liking MP of any game this much


Runners up and all amazing, in no order- 


RnC Rift Apart



I haven't had a chance to play but I expect them to be a blast -


Psychonauts 2


Others that I would like to play someday -

It Takes Two



I also played Sekiro this year which is my SP GOTY. I enjoyed this the most, specifically the battle with "Owl (Father)"



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