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~The TV Shows Thread~


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24 minutes ago, him2anshu said:

Peacemaker is off to a good start. Three episodes are out and all are directed by James Gunn, each of them have post credit scenes too. 


Nice. Will watch on weekend. 😌


12 minutes ago, Rosh said:

Started s1 of cobra Kai, seen 6 episodes so far , really enjoyed it so far.

please tell me it maintains if not better?


All seasons are enjoyable. But if I have to pick then 1>3>4>2. I just don't care or like Sam stuff but rest of them are good. 


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On 1/9/2022 at 2:02 PM, Joe Cool said:

MCH is still amazing but I wish the finale was different. 




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This feels like the worst possible ending. Not because of Harrison killing Dexter but the whole buildup in the finale was super rushed. Dexter had to face justice eventually or die but this is a cheap way to do it. Needed some more episodes.

There was no reason for Dexter to kill Logan. Why even try to escape at that time? The evidence to that point was super thin and Angela would have gotten over it after seeing Kurt's basement. 

Harrison is flipping switch because Logan is dead.

Angela coming up and connecting all dots with just Google search is ridiculous. 

No face to face with Batista. Why even show him and say I'll be there first thing in the morning? We needed this face to face. 

The aftermath of Kurt Caldwell and his doings is not shown.

Whatever happened to that billionaire guy.

Trying to make Harrison look like a saint was meh. No way that kid is going to be normal. This pretty much sets for a future spin-off or some shite.



That said, enjoyed the show very much. It is what it is in the end. Was nice to see MCH back. He still go it.


Christ!!! I was late in watching the finale and now I wish I hadn't. Another idiotic and super rushed finale which shits on the build up so far.


MCH is amazing as always but I hate Angela and Harrison now.

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5 minutes ago, LordSpymaster said:

Wait, we have HBO max in India now? Have I been living under a rock all this time lol?


HBO Max is only available in USA and Nordic countries. Rest of the world just pirate or not watch. 

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35 minutes ago, cyberpunk said:

Oscar Isaac is gonna kill it! :panic:

Multiple identities, multiple accents. Great opportunity for him after that Apocalypse thing.

5 minutes ago, dylanjosh said:

March 31 is way too late dammit 

I think they are trying to tone down on the frequency in order to maintain hype. Back to back shows and movies created fatigue for audience.

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