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The Playstation 5 thread

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10 minutes ago, 0verlord said:

You need a Bluetooth adapter with a sync button which will make the bt headphones + adapter combo work like usb audio headphones which work with ps5 

Which one should I get?

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3 hours ago, Heaven Angel said:



PlayStation 5 Slim Listed On Australian Online Retailer




Fake, it’s an old listing for PS4

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1 hour ago, b!T said:

This is the same guy from Bloomberg who said Sony cut down VR2 production based on his 'sources' and Sony had to come out address that article as misinformation.

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6 minutes ago, Assassins Creed said:


Do It Episode 3 GIF by Star Wars


Its a steal for 38K with card offers 




Not yet. I am a one system at a time guy. Still a lot of stuff remaining on Series S. 


Likely will build a pc next, PS titles will be there for sure. 


That or Switch 2. If they pull off Xbox and make 2 systems that play same games. One desktop, one portable with power difference.

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