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Battlefield 2042


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10 hours ago, gecko89 said:

Is there no separate thread for Arc Raiders? Its from ex Dice devs, might explain why BF2042 has been meh so far and Arc Raiders looks very interesting :P 


I was going to make it but it seems to be F2P and didn't generate any interest here from the Game Awards thread.


Maybe closer to launch if turns out decent and fun.

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Played the free weekend on Xbox SX, thoughts below.


Core gameplay is just broken, you have no idea what you are doing 99% of the time. The specialist systems is another layer of complications without any real payoff or reason for being there. The weapons and gadgets dont feel great. There's barely any incentive to play as a squad apart from adding spawn points. There's so much stuff going on but all of it is just meaningless bells and whistles to beautify a turd.


Was initially going to really hype it up so that we could have a squad going in-game but after the first two or three matches I realised that I didn't want anyone to pay good money for this.


That said, I tried one of the Bad Company 2 modes in Portal and what a real absolute beauty that is. No fluff, just pure squad gameplay. 4 of us going after objectives back to back. Flow of the game is super clean, map feels balanced to the point that you don't really feel lost away from the action, you don't have to try to figure you way around the best character build, guns feel punchier, destruction on point and just overall nostalgia trip. The gameplay is so much better.


Just goes to show how much DICE & EA have lost the plot and how far off the mark they are from the BC2 days. Was tempted to pick the game up before the free weekend, will pick it up again for Portal when it eventually comes to Gamepass now.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update 3.2 Scheduled to go live tomorrow, this update delivers a handful of small fixes and improvements to the game focused around stability



Update 3.3 - Our next update after 3.2 arrives in mid to late February, and features a refreshed Scoreboard, alongside further changes that have been in the works since we returned after the Holidays




  • Scoreboard will receive further updates beyond this refresh - this isn’t a one and done deal for us
  • Expect to see us iterate on this further once it’s live in game, and we look forward to your feedback once this new Scoreboard goes live in February

Matchmaking Preferences in All-Out Warfare and All Platform VOIP

  • These are both still on our radar. No updates on these two today but we wanted to reassure you all that these are still front of mind and we’ll have more to show and share on these topics further down the line

XP in Portal

  • Further to the changes made at the end of last year, we’ve got more changes set to go live with Update 3.2 tomorrow that will enable more servers and game types to progress on Mastery and Weekly Missions
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Called this a month back.There's a good chance it'll go F2P, at least they'll earn some money through cosmetics. 


Meanwhile, considering reinstalling BFV, apparently it's pretty good now.

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5 hours ago, gecko89 said:

Meanwhile, considering reinstalling BFV, apparently it's pretty good now.

It's alright, marginally better. I have some of the same problems with it as 2042.


There's a lot going on and there too much of a meta for new players to jump in. I had a better time in it than 2042 though. Playing Bad Company 2 in portal made me realise how much better these games used to be.

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4 hours ago, 0verlord said:

When is it coming to Gamepass or Ea play?


They will probably decide what to do with it after the Investor's call this week.

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They probably make x mode as F2P. Portal as F2P would be great for everyone as that is the only mode worth playing. 


DICE has been terrible so far. Zero communication and 0 effort. What's the point of live service without any service? Total mess. 

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  • Says Battlefield 2042 did not meet expectations. 
  • Work from home proved to be challenging.
  • Unanticipated performance issues that needed addressing
  • Some design choices did not resonate with community.
  • Still planning major updates


Season One has been pushed back to early Summer 2022 so DICE can focus on resolving the game's current issues.


EA said it has reduced its fiscal year forecast by $100 million due to the poor launch of Battlefield 2042. But says that Battlefield is 2042 is <10% of company's business. Other franchises doing well.


Battlefield is no longer the flagship shooter in its portfolio. It's now firmly Apex Legends.

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