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The "Good" and The "Bad" News Thread :) :(


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3 hours ago, Walker said:

To be fair the point actually works, just one of the WM pins was loose in the point. Opened the point and tightened it. Oh well someone got a free Washing Machine out of my basic troubleshooting fail. :rofl:


No regrets though (kinda), we had been discussing a new machine in a while (been 18 years with this one) since the panel kept getting f**ked since we moved to Goa due to the voltage fluctuations here.

Dude nice trick though. Time to try the same with my TV and upgrade. :P

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2 hours ago, Snake said:


Congrats bro


Thanks Slytherin ! 

30 minutes ago, Keano said:


Congrats Alekh! magical times ahead :) 


Yeah bro. 2 daughters now. They are gems. 

29 minutes ago, dante77 said:

Birdy!!! Congrats man!!!

I hope everything was smooth. You know these Corona times can be tough with these hospitals and all!

Thanks man. Still at hospital. Going on. Some of the staff was wearing mask over mouth, not nose.  Had to ask them again and again. 

Fingers crossed. :censored:

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2 hours ago, KnackChap said:

Congrats man. God bless the little angel. :good:


1 hour ago, Ram Dante said:

Wow! Congrats man. Daughters are the best :)


1 hour ago, funnyadit said:

Congrats @Bird Bird Bird on having two princesses now at home..


4 minutes ago, hope said:

Congo man :D:D

Thanks folks ! Daughters are indeed the best. Super sweet and super naughty and super loving. :wub:

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