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Will you subscribe to the new PS Plus Tiers.   

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17 minutes ago, ganeshran said:

thanks, not sure if thats worth the extra 750 bucks. I wish they had tekken 3 in the classics but probably had a copyright issue due to Gon character. 


Exactly. Assuming the classic games list for India is same as US, it's not worth it now imo. But if the list increases which I believe it will, then an upgrade is in order.

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Good news is that conversion to Extra works like this 


(# of days left/365) * ₹2000 per year


rather than


# of months left * ₹250 per month, which is more expensive 

PS Extra is the tits now, no need to buy games anymore :D


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On 6/6/2022 at 8:24 PM, Assassins Creed said:

In other facts there are actual reports from Singapore PSN  > stack up conversion is only charged upto/capped 1 year value of the new tier..


This will benefit if you have stack up of more than 2.5 years or 30 months if not just pay the difference.. proper Langar type deal..






Need to wait n see if same applies to India :notangel:




For those who had more than 2.5 years.. Can you confirm what is the upgrade cost??


I heard that it was 6,799 for Deluxe and not 5,749.. which is the Deluxd rate in India..


In Singapore as quoted above they were asked to pay the annual amount for conversion of multiple years.. but looks like different calculation for India..

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4 minutes ago, KnackChap said:

Games remastered for ps4 are not part of extra game catalog but are in classics catalog and part of top tier. What a scumbag move.


Yep, just noticed that. They clubbed all those into the classics category and dumped it into the Deluxe tier. Probably to lessen the blow of not having the PS3 streaming and attracting customer for additional price. :ranting:


F*ck it! Deluxe it is. :fear1:


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1 hour ago, Vamos said:

1900 for me to upgrade to Extra for the remaining 340 days. 


Guess I’m going to hold off for now, coz I played most of the top games already from the list. 


Do It Episode 3 GIF by Star Wars


The CAT game next month alone is worth that whole sub 

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