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PS5 - Delhi/NCR peeps interested in buying 1 at launch

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Hi Guys,


Please post below if you are interested in buying a ps5 at launch in Delhi/NCR. If we have enough guys, we can travel to Palika/Gaffar and try to negotiate a good price.


Please note that this is NOT A PREORDER or gaurantees a console. We are simply looking for people interested in the console at launch. No Prepayments or sh*t. Carry your own money when we travel to the shop after official release.


Also dont expect any of us to home deliver a console. :slap:


Currently only looking at official units with warranty, individually you are free to choose. Your money :)


Please keep posting your name and will keep adding to list-:


@playstationdude  - Main SC, backup FK

@kunjanp - croma

@TheMonark - Shop at sc

@Nathan.Drake -FK

@Angad. - Amazon

@Sach4life - Amazon

@SkinTightTuna- Amazon+ FK

@Bird Bird Bird - Amazon 

@blizkreiig - amazon

@iamgulshan - Amazon

@superT - RD + Amazon

@koolkunz - Amazon?

@kkapoor - amazon

@funjabi - FK (@Assassins Creed)


Looking for it-








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45 minutes ago, HundredProofSam said:

Just hope there is enough stock for any retailer to be able to give you bulk. 



Add him as well .I think he feels left out from this awesome initiative 😛 and ps5’s are hard to come by during these difficult times(dreams included )

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4 minutes ago, triggr happy ss said:

This is too much of a headache for a Rs 2000 discount . 


Even Amazon usually caps their card discounts at 1500-2000 rs and so many hold off on big purchases to avail the card discount when it starts.



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Iam actually expecting a 20 percent discount on the Sony official price .


Not paying a penny more and would rather wait till its available online officially .




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