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    Nintendo GameCube kiosk. It was used as a demo station in retail stores in the early 2000s.
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    Not a purchase but a gift from my uncle. Couple of years back, my uncle gifted me a Made in Japan PlayStation 1 + The orignal black colour CD of Formula 1 97 When I was a kid, he had purchased it for me but my parents did not allow him to gift me (coz usual indian parents ). He finally gifted me after my marriage and having a child Really loved it and he was so thoughtful of keeping it safe all these years for me. Powered up console and everything working fine, except the game doesn't goes past the title screen (Looks like the CD is busted, too many scratches)
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    Made close to 10kgs worth of Chocolate Cream Cheese brownies. A few for my family but majorly for a couple of my neighbours who are in healthcare and have been working non stop, going through daily tests. Just a token of appreciation. Everything was properly sanitized and package was dropped off outside their door for them to collect. Final product:
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    That's some next level tone deaf privileged bullshit. Innocents like us? Really? That's what you got from it? The utter selfishness in this post is despicable and I don't know how you can even call yourself a human being right now. At times of great suffering all people want is the comfort of being in a familiar place, with people they love and who love them. Comfort. Something you and me take for granted, because we sit in our apartments, step out with our masks and gloves, with money in our pockets, able to get the necessities we require, knowing when we get home there is someone waiting for us. And as for conspiracies, yeah f**k that. It doesn't matter in the least. Those migrants still will not get what they need. The govt and all of us have failed them. We have failed this country. "Innocents like us!" Get stuffed!
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    After 11 legendary years of my pulsar 135, time to say it goodbye. Made lifelong memories on it and had the time of my life. New companion at home.
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    Got a new table for my PC to finally put my build all together I absolutely love the setup More pics: https://imgur.com/a/D13TnZI Specs: PC Ryzen 7 2700x EVGA RTX 2080 XC Black MSI B450m Gaming Plus XPG Gammix D10 16 GB @ 3066 Mhz Corsair CX650m Antec Kuhler H2O K240 Cooler Master Q300L Antec Spark RGB x3 Micron 2 TB SSD HP EX900 NVMe Peripherals LG 32GK650f BenQ GW2470 Logitech G710 Steelseries Rival 300 Exco 1 meter mousepad Sound Edifier R1080BT ZMF Vibro Hifiman HE-400i (With no headband and Brainwavz hybrid pads) Brainwavz HM5 Schiit Fulla 2 Topping A30 with LME49720 opamps Some cheap chinese mic set with phantom power Also included - PS4 Pro + 2 controllers
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    Didn't want to post it but WTH. Maybe it'll inspire some of you guys to do the same. Distributed ration packs to 40-50 staff members and some needy people in our village. Each packet includes. 25 kg rice 2 kg daal 2 kg moong daal 2 kg sugar 2 kg jaggery 2 coconuts Cooking Oil pouch 1 kg tea powder.
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    Impulsive buy during the sale, But worth every penny, the console finish is just amazing! At 33K this is a Steal !! Will be my collectible and treasure and passed on to my Grand Kids one day [emoji16] I have promised myself this will be the last Xbox One I am going to buy, I can’t believe this is my 4th one [emoji23][emoji23] First 2 sold on IVG, 3rd one also will be up for sale soon. [emoji1] Enough Said !! Thanks to brotha @santanu18 as always for finding such killer deals... The red one is from Xbox One S Gears 4 LE Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Sony Fans just went from "xbox has no games" to "please keep these games on PlayStation"
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    Lol best experience ever. Some early twenty something dude walks into the grocery store. No mask and breathing heavily. There's me and one other customer, this moron and the shopkeeper. The other customer is an old guy about 60+. Everyone is in a mask except the young dude. I say where's your mask (me and the old dude have already moved a distance away unconsciously) Young dude say all this is propaganda. Mask does nothing and some other blah blah blah freedom freedom bullshit. I say dude whatever you want to believe is fine but then why you risking your and others life man. By this time the shopkeeper is pissed. He suddenly came round the counter and told the guy to either wear a mask or get lost. Young dude starts yelling about rights and other unrelated crap. Shopkeeper took a stick and gave him 3 -4 solid hits and that guy ran away. Bc I was laughing so hard lol.
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    https://imgur.com/a/vcFl6Yu My first PC 😁
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    Quantum Mechanix figurines: Spiderman: Deadpool (coming out of a comic book): Thor (from Thor: Ragnorak): Hulk (from Thor: Ragnorak): The bases of Thor and Hulk join together to create the iconic scene from Ragnorak: Absolutely lovely detailing !
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    Bad news - Washing machine conked off mid wash. All clothes were half washed. This is the fifth time the panel has conked off. Good news - got a good deal on a new washing machine which got delivered and installed so all my clothes are washed again. Horribly stupid news - while installing the new washing machine discovered it was the plug point that was faulty. The old washing machine works
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    Ok, since multiple people said it, I did put it on a plate this time. It's okay if the no filter or camera quality still doesn't work. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    From playing with Ninja toy bikes to owning something similar. 😁 Yamaha R15 V3.
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    what about those who want to get off at such stations.
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    Finally made the jump to 4K And of course, the first game I played was
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    Should be in scammer thread but this will do as well I think. An olx exchange was finalized. First he said only whatsapp, no call. Said parents in USA, no alternate number, not on any social media, not much clue about shipping. Was seeming fishy but the deal was good enough to be worth the risk, so i said need to speak on phone once for dealing and called. Seemed genuine then and talked about games as well and buying ps5 later etc. Still wasn't sure enough to deal but then the next day this gave it away. Scammer plus stupid (me as well though) Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    Introducing the IVG Game Library Console games can be expensive, even when you buy and sell them pre-owned in the IVG Trading Post. So, with so many great games coming out, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X games to come, it’s the perfect time for us to bring back the IVG Game Library. The IVG Game Library is an initiative we had first started in 2008, and for those who weren’t IVG members back then, the concept it simple. IVG community members volunteer to donate a game (or multiple games) that other members are free to borrow for a limited period of time. There are no fees involved, and no middlemen. The library system is built on trust, and so there are a few eligibility criteria members would have to meet to be allowed to borrow or lend games in the IVG Game Library. You can read more about those eligibility criteria, library rules and other details below. MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA 20 reputation points + 5 positive trading feedbacks OR 50 reputation points Donate a game that is approved by IVG Library Staff (see list of staff below) RULES Game eligibility Game donated must be on a current-gen platform that people will be interested in playing Only disc-based console games are accepted Games without original box and cover would be accepted The IVG Library Staff will judge whether a game is eligible for entry into the IVG Library The member who is sending the game bears the cost of courier Sender must use a well-reputed courier service to ship games to other members Donating Donor agrees that if a game is lost or damaged, no compensation will be due If more than one person wants a game, a wait list will be created by the donor Donor may not ask for the game back while it is with a borrow during its borrowing period Donor may ask for the game back once borrowing period is over and there are no other members in the wait list Donors cannot request their donated games back while they are borrowing a game from the library Members may donate more than one game; additional games do not require Library Staff approval Borrowing Borrowing period would be 2 weeks from date of receipt. In exceptional cases where games are long, it can be 1 month. Borrowing period to be decided by Library staff Once the borrowing period is over, member must courier game to next person in wait list A member may only borrow a new game once the previously borrowed game has been received by next borrower or donor If there is no one in the wait list, game may be kept until someone else requests it or returned to donor – whatever donor prefers Members may not borrow more than one game at a time PROCEDURE Membership Once you have met the above library membership criteria, you may contact one of the IVG Library Staff members When contacting IVG Library Staff member, mention 1) The game you would like to donate, 2) The platform, and 3) The condition of the game – with/without box, etc Final decision on whether a game will be accepted into the library rests with the Library Staff Donation Once membership into library is approved, donor must open a new topic/thread in the IVG Library section Library game threads must follow the naming system: [LIB] Name of game (Platform). For example, if you are donating Doom Eternal for PS4, the thread title should be [LIB] Doom Eternal (PS4) Donor must share pics of the game and box at the time of listing it in the library along with picture carrying IVG display name and date – games without original box will also be accepted Donor must also reserve the first reply in that thread, which he must update as and when the game has been borrowed or returned. It must also contain the wait list for the game When the game is requested by a library member, the donor must dispatch the same at the earliest convenience. Cost to be borne by sender. Donor is obliged to lend donated game to any library member who requests the game Borrowing Members interested in borrowing a game must comment in the game’s respective library thread Before borrowing a game, the member must show their post proving that previously borrowed game has been returned Borrower must update the game’s library thread once the game is received If received in damaged condition, borrower must share photos displaying the damage. If condition is not disclosed, it would be assumed that the game was received in good condition Borrowers must abide by the borrowing time periods Upon completion of borrowing period, borrower must dispatch the game to the next borrower on the wait list. Cost to be borne by the sender. If there are no other borrowers in the wait list, donor may request for it back. If so, dispatch game back to donor. Cost to be borne by sender IVG Game Library Staff @kmkaks @b!T @adity @HundredProofSam
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    Finally put all my collection together, most of them were inside Uncharted 3 Box...I was thinking to sell the PS3 and all of the games now I am in half mind to sell IMO the Steel Books during PS3 era and early PS4 era were EPIC compared to what we get today Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Time to Drooooooool, DAY 1 it is just in time.. Cancelled my amazon order also and picked up from Games N Gadgets [emoji7] Free poster Do Not Disturb !! Finally My first NOOB attempt at doing UnBoxing video, excuse the misses the content explanation, those are Bracelet and Pins (not magnets lol) Alright... Let’s fire up the game.. !! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Confused? Here's a simpler explanation.
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    As ..... thrilling as this 2 page discussion on Indian taxation system is, could you guys take it to the Ask the experts thread? Keep this thread for deals.
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    No words to describe this beauty! Got it last month [emoji41] Sent from my ONEPLUS A6010 using Tapatalk
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    Not really this week, but recently...
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    Life is unfair, chaps. It was unfair before COVID, it will be unfair after COVID. Degree of unfairness depends on how wealthy you are, but it is still unfair for everyone. Help those you can. No point blaming the lockdown. There was no precedence, nobody knew what would happen, nobody was in a position to predict, and nobody knew how things would have gone if the lockdown was not in place. The least it did was spread awareness, and somewhat improved the healthcare system for marginally better load. Stay safe, be careful, don't be an a*s, and we will tide it over...possibly.
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    Support IVG For over a decade, IVG has provided a platform for Indian gamers to meet like-minded people and discuss their passion for games in a friendly and welcoming environment. What began as a message board in 2006, has grown into a comprehensive community for all things gaming. We have always resisted the temptation to monetise the IVG community, and we are determined to keep it that way. We believe the IVG forums should remain accessible to everyone for free. However, as we look to the future, we could use all the help we can get to ensure that IVG continues to function smoothly, while being steadily updated with the newest community features. To that end, we have set up a system to accept voluntary donations from members and readers who would like to support us in keeping the IVG community going strong. There are several ways that you can do this. Option 1: Automated monthly contributions If you'd like to make regular contributions to IVG, we offer automatic monthly donations in three denomination options. Through this method, you would be charged every month for your chosen amount for a 12-month duration, with an option to stop any time. Automated monthly contributions can be done in one of three amounts: Rs 100 per month Rs 500 per month Rs 1,000 per month If you'd like to contribute monthly, please fill out this form and we'll send you a payment link for the same. Option 2: Single contribution You can also choose to make a single contribution for an amount of your choice. To do so, please click on the button below. Click here to make single contributions via PayPal. Payments security and privacy: We use Razorpay's payment gateway to receive all payments. It is a secure platform and all payments happen entirely on the payment gateway. Rest assured that no payment information is collected, stored or accessible to IVG or any other third party. Razorpay is used by reputed organisations such as RBL Bank and Hotstar. You can read their terms and conditions here. We also offer PayPal as an option, which is well established as a safe and secure payments platform. What your financial contributions will help with. Every single Rupee that is contributed by the community will be used towards the community. These are some of the costs that would be covered through these contributions: Server costs Maintenance expenses Software and technical support expenses Upgrades and feature additions If we find ourselves in a situation where contributions go beyond our costs, we will give those funds back to the IVG community by way of contests and giveaways. Can't contribute financially? You can still help We understand that many users may not be able to contribute to IVG financially, and that's okay. But there are several other ways through which you can show your support. Use our affiliate tags when you shop at Amazon If you shop at Amazon, you can help us by using our Affiliate tag or links before adding items to your shopping cart. This way, we earn a small commission on your purchase. There are two ways to do this: Affiliate tag: Simple add &tag=i030-21 to any Amazon product page URL before adding it to your cart Affiliate link: Visit Amazon through this link. Any purchase you make during that session will benefit us. Show our podcast and social media channels some love While the forums remain core to the IVG experience, social media is a great way for new gamers to find IVG. So it would be great if you could follow, like and subscribe to us on the following platforms YouTube channel IVG Podcast Facebook Instagram Twitter Thank you for being part of the IVG community. Contributors Hall of Fame 1. @rAgHaV 2. @eddy4823 3. @Bird Bird Bird 4. @SpearHea:D 5. @quixote_1989 6. @dylanjosh 7. @Engineer 8. @playstationdude 9. @Snake 10. @dante77 11. @Assassins Creed 12. @-13- 13. @KJD 14. @kunjanp 15. @kold_war 16. @b!T 17. @ayush12ice 18. @VelivolusDas 19. @adity 20. @hope 21. @Mr.Copyright© 22. @Big Boss 23. @STICK3Rboy 24. @DinJo 25. @AtheK 26. @GeraltOfRivia 27. @Masterjack 28. @Bhpian Bali 29. @Maximus 30. @Pacifier 31. @icestrok 32. @abhinav sharma 33. @Mizanurification 34. @Banz 35. @Narukami_Yu 36. @Keano
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    Tapatalk will probably compress but anyway I bought the monitor today. Maybe it's because I'm not used to it, but 24 inches is plenty. Will use with laptop, and PS4 occasionally. Thanks a lot @PhantomShade @Walker for all the advice! Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
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    Hanky with a good seal provides enough protection as I'm C category.
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    Brought these items last month (June, 2020) after saving my pocket money for 3 years continuously The Last Of Us Part II Limited Edition PS4 Pro Gaming Console The Last Of Us Part II Limited Edition Dualshock 4 Controllers (I have bought 2 of them) The Last Of Us Part II Limited Edition Game Drives and a charging cable for the controller, it came with a free controller grip
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    Some person got so bored in my society that he washed my car. WTF!!
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    Quarantine story so far: Fried Chicken: Dal Vada: Rava Upma: Kothu Paratha and Fries: Onion Vada: Idiyappam and Sausages: Onion Rings: Vada: Kerala Porotta: Bread Gulab Jamun: Dosa: Trying a new batch of fried chicken today
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    Compared to people in Italy and US, our people have 1000 IQ if we go by the public response to this pandemic. Its just that the religions add -900 IQ like always.
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    Hey sure, I am running a 7.1.4 configuration and here's the set up currently. 65 LG C8 Oled Marantz 8012 11.2-channel home theater receiver McIntosh SL1 sub (It is old and have issues with this) DefTech BP9080x towers as L & R with Integrated 12" Powered Subwoofer and Height Module (I'm currently not using the upward firing Atmos speakers from the towers) DefTech CS9080 for center with Integrated 8" Powered Subwoofer and Bass Radiator (Currently not using the powered sub from the center) 2 x DefTech SR9080 Bipolar Surround Speakers for surrounds 2 x DefTech SR9040 Bipolar Surround Speakers for rear surrounds 4 x Micca 8C in ceiling speakers, 8 inch Few things, I have to get additional support for the towers to prevent vibrations going through the walls and pillars. So looking into options currently. I am also looking to replace my current old and dying sub, as of right now I am leaning towards the Rythmik F18, it is an18" sealed audiophile sub with 900WRMS amplifier. Also down the line, will be getting a premium 4K UHD player replacing my current LG UBK9 4K UHD. Here are some pictures. Sorry for the low quality and dark nature, I happened to take these randomly to send to few friends regarding the set up. This shows the towers and the center. The sub is on the far right corner of the room. You can also see the 4K UHD player sitting on the counter. Currently I'm using LG UBK9. That brick pillar is fake one that's been created to hang the surround left speaker and to make it seemless, also happened to get some fabric panels made as you see on the left. This is the surround right speaker on the wall between the two windows in the living room. Rear surround right speaker hanging from the ceiling, want to black out the wiring as well, so they don't look out of place. As you can see the ceiling has fabric across the living room to aid in the better acoustics. The same speaker. Both the rear surrounds are hanging from the ceiling as you can see the other one is on the far right side in the picture. All 4 Atmos speakers are in the fabric ceiling. 2 on the left of the seating and 2 on the right. The entire ceiling has been stuffed with rock wool on the inside for sound absorption and to prevent vibrations to some extent. The support hinges for the ceiling in the living has been made with ply to prevent rattles. Even with all these minor additions for better acoustics, I did get my first noise complaint last week . So I am looking to reduce the vibrations going to the floor through the speakers with some padding under the towers and the center. Anyway, that is all and should give you an idea of the space and the set up.
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    And to complete the Playstation console collection. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    Yes. They will definitely deliver. Bon Appetit!
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